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a Perrysburg native and long-time golfer,

envisioned playing 54 holes of golf in three

states, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, in a single

day. Life got in the way, however.

Health issues, work and family prevented him

from undertaking his dream, but the idea was

always there, stuck in the back of his mind.

Markland, like a lot of us, is a confirmed

‘Golfaholic’ and loves to play whenever the

chance presents itself. He has been involved

in several different leagues over the years and

tested his game on nearly every local golf


His wife actually got him interested in the game

and in the past they enjoyed casual rounds of

golf together.

Vacations were planned around golf

destinations, trips through Michigan and

surrounding areas always included a round

or two exploring a new golf course. Time and

physical limitations prevent his wife from

playing now, but she encourages Pat to continue

enjoying golf.

Earlier this year, Markland decided to make his

dream a reality and plotted out an itinerary that

included stops at three golf courses in the three

adjoining states. Rain prevented completion of

the quest on the appointed day, however, just

as it has most everything else this spring and


Undaunted, Markland reset the date for

Wednesday, July 15, and this time the weather


Tamaron Country Club was chosen as the first

stop on his golfing odyssey. He arrived at 6:45

AM and Lisa, a Tamaron employee, gladly

opened the doors, got his cart and accepted

his green fees.

Markland caught the Tamaron grounds crew

unawares and played No. 1 before they were

able to get the flag stick set into the hole on the

first green. A slight inconvenience that didn’t

deter our golfing hero from the completion of

his task.

With the inaugural leg of his journey compete

by 9:30 AM , Markland threw his clubs in the

trunk of his car and headed across the border

to Bedford Hills for his second 18 of the day.

Although heavy rains had left both courses

water logged and still flooded in some areas,

he was able to complete his appointed rounds

without too much difficulty.

He encountered his biggest challenge of the

day at Bedford Hills, when he inadvertently

drove his cart through a low area and nearly

got stuck. He was able to maneuver the cart

and get to the safety of higher ground without

causing too much damage to the cart, himself

or the golf course.

Pat Markland


Golf Marathon

With Lisa at Tamaron

Beginning of the day

NWO Golf Links