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Heavier than normal rains this year has helped to

identify drainage problems and much of his time

has been spent updating the overall drainage

system for the course. Over 5 million gallons of

water had to be pumped off the course during

one six-inch downpour in July.

Another big accomplishment for Cline is the

implementation of a structured nutrient and

preventative maintenance program for the

greens. He not only wants the greens

to be better today, but is building a

base for future health to survive



from daily play.

Something unusual at most golf courses, Cline

andWidmer are working together to make every

golfer’s experience at Tamaron Country Club

enjoyable. They consult on improvements and

conditions to provide a better golfing experience.

Tamaron is Not Just For Golf

Tamaron Country Club also offers one of the

best locations in Toledo to host a big event.

Events Manager, Vicky Fuhrman has 20 years’

experience in wedding organization, banquets

and corporate catering. With Head Chef, Erin

Paule on staff, Tamaron Country Club can

prepare a feast for any size meeting, wedding

or event.

NWO Golf Links

With Vicki Fuhrman as your own

personal Wedding Coordinator,

your ceremony will take place rain

or shine.

Photo by Jessica Patton Photography