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CORE STRENGTH is now recognized

as a critical part of any golfers training.

The most successful way to improve your

consistency and reduce your handicap is

to truly improve your game rather than

rely mainly on improving your equipment.

By changing your physical qualities such

as an improvement in your core strength,

flexibility, and range of motion, you will not

only improve your overall game but you will

also help in preventing injury and pain (50%

of golfers consistently struggle with back


The majority of “miss-hit shots” are due

to poor posture. Your golf swing is driven

by the twisting and untwisting of the

torso; 400 muscles and 70 joints working

simultaneously! Training your body to be

a well-oiled machine ready to tackle any

shot under any condition, takes intentional

cross-training and knowledge of why it is


Training for more power on the course

doesn't necessarily involve massive weights

and explosive high energy workouts—in

fact, too much strength training could hinder

your performance. "A guy who is very strong

but lacking in mobility and flexibility won't

be able to bring his body and muscles to a

full range of motion," says Katherine Roberts,

certified golf performance trainer.

"Without that full range of motion, you won't

be able to reach maximum potential in

strength." However, someone who is weak

and too flexible won't be able to generate

enough power, she says. That's why a more

powerful swing is best achieved with a mix

of lifting and flexibility training.

So most of us know how to improve strength

through weight training and isometric

exercises but what about specifically for our

core and flexibility?



Why Core Strength and Range of

Motion Drastically Impact Your

Golf Game!