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to the new Alpha 816, Callaway has set

the standard for great-looking drivers. The

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816 continues

that trend with a compact, rounded head,

deep face, and no alignment aid. What’s

new for the 816 is the matte black crown;

previous versions have been high gloss.

In a year of great drivers, the Callaway Big

Bertha Alpha 816 driver may be tops for

sound and feel. As its “better player” target

audience will appreciate, the sound is muted

without much metallic quality.

It even feels better; it is the rare driver that

actually feels hot. Most drivers fake a hot

feel by being loud or metallic, but the Alpha

816 would feel hot even if you were wearing

ear plugs.

This latest generation of Callaway’s R*MOTO

face technology gives you the sensation of

the ball being fired out of a cannon, which

does great things for your confidence on the

tee box.

When I tested the original Big Bertha Alpha,

I said that the Gravity Core was a “game

changer for club fitting” and the “most

significant step forward in adjustability in

years”. With the Big Bertha Alpha 816’s

Dual Distance Chambers, you can take all

that praise and double it. Where all previous

Alpha drivers had two positions – Gravity

Core Up and Gravity Core Down – the 816

has four: Up and Down in both Draw and

Neutral positions. Each position changes

the feel of the driver completely. If you pick

up this driver and don’t like it, don’t put it

down, just change the Gravity Core.




The weight change does

more than change

the feel; it also has a

huge impact on ball

flight. Moving the

Gravity Core up and

down changes the

trajectory of the ball