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Although we have never met,

I bet your response would be

one of the first three, but maybe

D would be the better answer.

What if you took the time to

complete a simple activity to

first complete a plan that would

improve your readiness to play

each shot.

The good news is you can, and

it’s very easy. I will show you

how to complete a very simple

activity called

The Success

Bridge Activity

. This dynamic

activity has you identify the

golfer you are Today


the golfer

you will become Tomorrow,

and your plan to,

Bridge that


Step 1:

First describe your game today,

in a single word. One word

simplifies it, and makes it easy

to remember. For example, if

you play 15-16 holes of great

golf, but two or three holes

sabotage your round, then you

struggle with consistency, that

drives you mad. The best word

to describe your game Today is


Step 2:

Determine the word to describe

the golfer you will become. As

youponder thoughtsof Focused,

Consistent, or Determined,

you realize you need to be



. You lack the


to repeat a quality

pre-shot routine on every shot,

which is the root cause of your

problem with inconsistency.

The word describing the golfer

you will become is


Bridge the Gap

inYour Golf Game

If someone walked

up to you on the

range and asked,

what is your plan to

play Your Best Golf

Ever? How would

you respond?

A. Hit the ball farther 

B. Improve my short


C. Fix my swing

D. Be 100% READY

on Every Shot


Greg Liberto

NWO Golf Links