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Step 3: Bridging the Gap

Bridge the Gap from Today

to Tomorrow with a simple,

three to five-word Action

Plan will take you from

Inconsistent to Disciplined.

A lack of properly executing

a pre-shot routine is

preventing you from being

100% READY on Every


. We will talk about

the 5-Step Approach to be

completely ready on every

shot next month.

This thought process should be incorporated into your routine every time you hit a golf ball,

including practice, a competitive round, a lesson or a casual round. I firmly believe the biggest

missed opportunity in player development is not going through a process to be in ‘

The Zone’


every single shot.

Bridge the Gap and be

100% READY on Every Shot

to enjoy golf more and play,

Your Best Golf Ever!


My Success Bridge



Be 100% READY on Every Shot                 Disciplined

Bridge The Gap to Play Your Best Golf Ever!

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