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My son and I decided to play a round of golf one

Sunday not knowing that the course we chose was

hosting a 2-man scramble that day. The owner of

the course invited us to join in the event and said

we would be paired with he and his partner. We

decided, why not, and joined in the fun.

We were having a grand time playing together

and enjoying the competition. My son is a rather

large young man and is a member of the Eastern

Michigan University football team. He can hit a

golf ball prodigious lengths, but sometimes has

difficulty hitting it in the right direction.

He is the epitome of the old saying, “drive

for show and putt for dough.” The truth

hurts at times.

The course was an older design and the

holes were compact to say the least. On the

fourth hole my son unleashed a monstrous

effort that was so far off-line it was heading

two holes over. It headed right for a group

on a tee box some 280 yards away.

We both yelled “FORE!” and hoped no

one would be seriously injured from the

miss hit. As we approached the group of

Asian gentlemen, we saw my son’s ball

sitting beside one of the older members

of the group and he did not appear to be

excited to see us.

My son immediately apologized, but it was

evident they were not buying it, until we

both disembarked from our cart.

I am a rather large individual and did

I mention my son is a large collegiate

football player, well the look on their faces

as we approached was, as they say in the

MasterCard ads, “Priceless.”

The Luckiest Shot

in the World


Bryan Renius

NWO Golf Links