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cite the game as being too

difficult. The game isn’t any

more difficult now than it

was, when golfers numbered

over 30 million.


has made it increasingly

difficult are teachers that

subject students to needless

biomechanics and technical

data, creating a less than

enjoyable experience for the


I recommended hiring a

veteran PGA Professional

with a proven track record

of providing simple, easy-to-

follow instruction for all ages

and ability levels. A Pro, who

views the facility as a canvas to

create greatness rather than a

computer printout to interpret

the latest data.

Someone able to achieve

quick and lasting results from

his students on the golf course

immediately, not on a computer

screen six months from now.

I also feel it is important to find

a professional that wants to be

there for the long term and not

someone simply looking to

upgrade their resume.

If they find these traits, they

will have hired the best.

They LOVED it and it felt

REALLY GOOD to finally say


NWO Golf Links