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Even Jack Nicklaus, who at

first chastised the players

for withdrawing from the

Olympics, felt they owed

the game their time and

effort to compete in Rio. He

recently changed his opinion,

however, and said so in an

interview with

Alex Butler from UPI,

“I started thinking more

about it and thought maybe

I shouldn’t have said that

because it’s not about that.

They aren’t about growing

golf right now. They are

into playing golf. I’m into

growing golf because I’m

past my time. I look to the

future of what happens to it.

These guys are thinking ‘How

do I make a living, how do I

perform?’ If they get sick,

and then all of the sudden

they have a family that gets

sick, then they’ve got another

issue other than what they

are trying to do...making a

living in golf and being able

to perform at their best and

highest level.”

Every athlete knows that their

time at the top of their sport

will be limited and they must

make the best of it. The FedEx

Cup is offering $34 million in

total prize money for the four

tournaments and another $35

million in bonus pool money,

to be distributed among the

top players at the end of the

playoffs. $69million is serious

money for any athlete.

With the Olympics scheduled

just twoweeks prior to the start

of the FedEx Cup Playoffs, the

timing could not be worse.


his mind about today’s best

golfers foregoing the opportunity

to compete for a gold medal at

the 2016 Rio Olympics, but if

he,ArnoldPalmer orGary Player

would have had the opportunity

to compete in the Olympics, I

bet they would have run to the

first tee.

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