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Is Olympic Golf Really Necessary?

FRED Altvater

“You Know You Are a Golfaholic if:

You take your own putter to the Miniature Golf Course.

It’s good

sportsmanship to

not pick up lost

golf balls while

they are still


~ Mark Twain

August will see golf as a sanctioned event in the Rio de Janeiro

Olympics. Rio has a host of problems, financially bankrupt, unsafe

water, public health and safety concerns, plus political unrest, which

may keep many Olympic fans away from the games.

Golf has been added this year and again for 2020 for the first time since

1904. The professional golfers of today did not grow up practicing

that five-foot putt on the practice green to win Olympic Gold. They

dreamed of Green Jackets, Claret Jugs and Wanamaker trophies.

The Olympics does not offer a purse for its winner, however, most

medal winners find commercial success from selling their name as

their brand. Professional golfers already have established brands,

earning millions of dollars in prize money and endorsement deals.

The fact is themodern professional golfer does not need theOlympics. Golf

ball, equipment and apparel manufacturers need the Olympics to spread

their wares around the world and bring in additional revenue streams.

The Zika Virus has given the top male golfers a good excuse to bow

out of the 2016 Olympics and have given the game somewhat of a

black eye in the process.

We cover golf in the Olympics from several angles this month and

attempt to give you all the information you will need to watch the

coverage from Rio on your big screen.

The Loop reversible golf course, featured on our cover this month,

officially opened for play at the end of June and it is a must-play for

serious golfers. It is truly golf, the way it was meant to be played.

We hope you enjoy reading the August issue of NWO Golf Links and

I hope to see you on the Back 9.

NWO Golf Links