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Brandel Chamblee has stirred a

debate about the golf swing this

summer with his new book, “ The Anatomy of Greatness: Lessons from the Best Swings in History .

Chamblee joined the PGA Tour

in 1985 and enjoyed an 18-year

career playing golf for money. He

entered 370 events, earned over

$4 million and had one career win

at the 1998 Greater Vancouver

Open over Payne Stewart.

He is currently a golf analyst for the

Golf Channel and never shies away

from a controversy or argument.

He appreciates the history of

golf and helps put modern golf

issues in perspective with past

performances and players.

Through his years of watching

the modern golf swing, he has

become convinced that the fixed

lower body and severe rotation of

the shoulders creates too much

tension during the swing. This

violent torso turn promotes injury.

Example, Tiger Woods’ series of

leg, knee and back issues.

Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Sam

Snead, even Jack Nicklaus lifted

their left heel in the back swing,

had longer more flowing swings

and played most of their careers

injury free.

Chamblee read hundreds of

books, watched hours of video

and analyzed thousands of

photos doing research for this

book. If you want to improve

your swing and learn from the

greats, read Brandel Chamblee’s

The Anatomy of Greatness

while you are lying on the beach.

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