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Tom Doak Creates a Masterpiece in Michigan:

“The Loop” is Golf The Way It Was Meant To Be

When the old Scots took up sticks to knock

stones around a sheep pasture, they didn’t

have modern equipment to move dirt,

build cavernous bunkers or create greens

that would reach supersonic speeds. They

used what God had created on the land

adjoining the sea.

Except for clearing a few pine trees, Tom

Doak has employed the same theory for

his new course

The Loop at Forest Dunes


While in college, Doak persuaded the

scholars at Cornell to allow him to spend

a year wandering around Scotland to gain

a better perspective of original golf course

design. During his time on the Auld Sod,

he caddied throughout the birthplace of

golf, studied original routings and learned

about golf design from the greenskeepers

and maintenance crews of those classic

old masterpieces.

The ability of several courses to be played

in reverse intrigued him and he filed

that feature away in his memory bank

Tom Doak and Matt Ginella

NWO Golf Links