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overlooking the lake. In addition, three

villas, that can comfortably sleep up to

eight persons per building, make it the

perfect arrangement for buddy’s golf trips.

As you look down any fairway on the

Loop, be sure to check the course map

for the location of camouflaged fairway

and green-side bunkers. What looks at

first blush as a simple mound along the

fairway or at the edge of a green is really

the back of a bunker waiting to gobble up

an errant golf ball.

One of the features of the Loop was the

necessity for eachgreen tobeable toaccept

shots from two different directions. Doak

has accomplished this with aplomb. The

greens although smallish and undulating,

will hold a well-struck shot that has been

effectively planned and executed.

Firm fairways and greens with run-

up approaches allow for roll, which

encourages golfers to play along the

ground. There are few forced carries and a

low ball flight with ample run, is preferable

to long high carries.

Forest Dunes now offers three world-class

golf courses for golfers to enjoy, while

staying in comfort and dining on the best

cuisine available.

The Loop at Forest Dunes

is a walking-only

course and provides a pure golf experience.

It’s the way golf was meant to be played.

Carry your own bag, use a push cart or hire

a caddy to do your heavy lifting, but come

experience one of the great golf facilities in

the country at Forest Dunes.

It is Pure Michigan.

NWO Golf Links