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Exactly one year ago NWO Golf Links published its first issue as

a fully digital golf magazine. We are excitedly looking ahead to

2016 and have a wide variety of golf news, information and fea-

tures already planned for the coming year.

We are just a little over one month away from the 2016 Toledo Golf Show. Rich and Andrew Brown have been tirelessly working

to make this year’s annual extravaganza bigger and better than

ever before.

Since colder temperatures finally hit the Greater Toledo area, the

indoor golf simulators at

Pro Golf Fairways,

Tamaron Country


Blue Skies Fore Ever,

Fallen Timbers Fairways


Bedford Hills

Golf Club and

Fore Golfers Indoor Golf

are seeing full tee sheets.

On that note, our intrepid golf writer, Bryan Renius, offers timely

tips about cleaning out our golf bags, prior to heading out to the

indoor simulators.

Mark Croft contributed an interesting story this month about los-

ing a dream to play in the NFL, but finding a better life and pas-

sion on the golf course. Sandy Earl’s article on “Setting Your In-

tention,” has meaning, not only for golfers, but can be applied in

everyday life, as well.

Travel writer, Mike May takes us on a trip to Palm Beach and gives

us a tour of the recently renovated North Palm Beach Country

Club, a stop on the Florida Historic Golf Trail. Mental Golf Coach,

Greg Liberto serves up his second piece in the series, “Play Like

a Navy Seal, Prepare a Mental Game Strategy.”

We hope you enjoy our inaugural 2016 issue of NWO Golf Links

and that you make this your BEST Golf Year EVER!

I’ll Catch You on the Back 9.

Our 2


Year Begins


You Are Are A Golfaholic If: You use shovel to a clear patch in

the snow to hit golf balls in January.

The ardent



Everest if


would put

a flag stick

on top

Famed Golf

Architect, Pete Dye

NWO Golf Links