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Mental Game

Strategy is a

thought process

tokeep you feeling

calm, confident

and focused from

the first shot to

the last.

In the December issue of

NWO Golf Links I discussed

how to incorporate the mental

toughness of a Navy SEAL into

your golf game. This month I

want to help you to think like

a SEAL and create a


Game Strategy.

By successfully completing

the Seal’s grueling physical

and mental tests, they have

total confidence in their

skills. They are physically and

mentally prepared for even

the most difficult or dangerous

assignment and at 100%

readiness at all times.

Naturally, they feel nervous,

or excited, as well as, a host

of other emotions, but being

a highly trained professional,

they immediately put these

distractions to rest and

revert to their mental and

physical preparation. They

are involved in serious life-or-

death missions, so they must


100% READY

at all times.

Golf is certainly not life-or-

death, and it is difficult to

be as prepared as a trained

professional for a round

of golf. You can, however,

start thinking more like one

by approaching golf with a

Mental Game Strategy.

Golfers continuously debate

whether golf is more mental or

physical. The answer, of course,

isneither, it requiresbothmental

acuity and physical strength.

You can, however, improve the

mental part of your golf game in

a few easy steps.

Develop A Mental Game

Strategy For The Golf Course


Greg Liberto

NWO Golf Links