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Set Your Intention Before You Swing


Sandy Earl

Last summer on vacation my

husband and I invited all who

were vacationing with us to join

us on the driving range. Our

purpose was to give them the

basics of golf so that they could

take the initiative to practice

more on their own and allow

them to discover that golf can be

enjoyed by players of all levels.

As we worked with our kids,

we encouraged them to state

what they wanted with each

swing, rather than worry about

a negative outcome. Everything

you give attention to grows,

whether it is positive or negative.

Before they attempted a shot,

I asked them to

‘state their


allowing the mind

and the body to fully come

together for a smoother, swing

that was totally focused and in

the present.

This is ever so evident in the

transition of many golfers practice

swing to their actual swing.

The practice swing is smooth,

complete, and effortless because



is to make a swing

that feels good and sends the

ball to the target. Then like Jekyll

and Hyde, intentions shift as the

players addresses the ball and the

smooth, complete and effortless

practice swing is history.

The intention of a smooth,

complete swing

is forgotten, the

ball becomes the target, and a

defensive slash of a golf swing

emits the body language of one

of hope, caution and fear. The

player created the context, his

body simply reacts to what it’s


Don’t know where to start

setting the proper intention for

your golf game? Simply begin

by repeating,

“I am relaxed, confident, and

focused in the present moment.”

Saying this to yourself, or even

out loud, can allow your body to

respond to the intention that you

desire, giving a specific focus

with each shot.

Who knows, you just might

discover the simple act of

setting intentions will have a

tremendous impact on your

enjoyment of the game and may

even produce a lower handicap.

I am relaxed,


and focused

in the present


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