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We Recommend for Winter Reading

With the temperatures finally beginning to drop in the northern part of the country and

another college football season in the books, you may be looking for some reading

material that revolves around golf.

Here are five enjoyable reads that will let you enjoy the comfort of your living room

and help you resist the urge to brave the cold artic winds to head for the golf simulator

or book a golf trip south to warmer climes.

One of the best

books I have ever


d, “Final Rounds”

was written by New

York Times best-

selling author, James

Dodson. A career

newspaperman and

former editor of Golf

Magazine, Dodson is

a ‘son of the south,’

who tells his poignant story with a smooth

southern charm that will defy any reader to

put the book down.

Published in 1996, “Final Rounds” was

Dodson’s first effort at writing a novel. It led

to his being chosen to author Arnold Palmer’s

autobiographical, “A Golfer’s Life,” and the

only authorized biography of Ben Hogan,

“Ben Hogan, An American Life.” Both which

eventually led to his best seller, “American

Triumvirate,” the story of the intertwined

lives of Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan and Sam

Snead, all born in 1913.

“Final Rounds” takes the reader on a journey

with Dodson and his ailing father on one last

golf trip to Scotland, where his father had

served in the U.S. Air Corps during World

War II. Keep the tissues handy, you will not

have a dry eye at the end.




authored several books

centered on golf and

his current book, “The Story of Golf in 50 Holes,” is certainlyone

of his best. Dear was a

teaching professional

in England and has

been a contributing

golf writer for several

large golf publications.

The book breaks down fifty of the best golf

holes in the world and relates true stories

unique to that particular hole. Whether the

hole is best known for its tournament play,

unusual construction characteristics, unique

design or its historical significance, each

hole is explored in detail for the reader’s


Dear presents an easy read loaded with

enough information to whet any Golfaholic’s

appetite for golf knowledge.

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