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Choose Wisely


Mark Croft

When I play golf, every time I goto

play a round, I learn something

about myself as a person.

As parents we hope our

children make wise choices.

I want to share a true story,

directed towards parents,

that illustrates the point

that expectations are often

clouded by success.

It is not meant to belittle any

sport, but is only to share

a perspective that is often

overlooked when viewing the

future of a child.

My cousin was a phenomenal

football player. He was strong,

could run like a deer and he

possessed a brilliant mind.

Unlike most top athletes, he

remained humble and was

the most kind and gentle

person you could ever meet.

He was a College All-


offense, which is unheard of

in today’s sports world. When

he graduated from college,

he realized every young boy’s

dream and was drafted by the

Dallas Cowboys.

The expectations being that,

since he had been a standout

collegiate football player, he

would naturally want to be a

successful professional. Even

more important were the

expectations of those around

him that believed it was his

d e s i r e

to be an

NFL star


Du r i ng

training camp, he made it

through to the final cut. Stoic

Dallas Cowboy Head Coach,

Tom Landry called him into

his office and outlined a


“I have a dilemma. You are

one hell of a football player,

but at the end of today, I must

release one more player. I am

going to leave that decision

up to you. Should I keep you

or Charlie Waters?

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