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own experiences with impatient teachers,

as well as, discrimination and understands

how to correctly teach special needs

children. He is also seeking to obtain

funding to establish a foundation that will

provide special golf training for children

with learning or physical disabilities.

Bedford Hills Golf Club is owned by three

partners, John Rutter, Bob Moore and

Denny Long. As a group they are constantly

monitoring course conditions. Rutter

served as the course superintendent until

his retirement last November, when his

long-time assistant, Ken Schumacher was

promoted to fill Rutter’s big shoes.

Schumacher spent 16 years working at

Bedford Hills and knows every nuance of

the course. He assures it is always in the best

condition possible and if there is no snow

on the ground, the course is ready for the

Bedford Hills Regulars that show up to play,

even in less than perfect golfing weather.

When we talked with the general manager,

Scerba after Christmas, he reported to

NWO Golf Links that 151 golfers showed

up on Christmas Eve this year and played

the course.

Bedford Hills is constantly seeking to

improve the course and has made several

tweaks over the years. This past season a

renovation was completed to the No. 2 hole

on the Buckeye Course. In September, a

swampy wetlands was expanded and turned

into a water hazard that was extended to

guard the front of the green.

Even with the large number of rounds that

are played every year at Bedford Hills, the

greens are manicured to precise cut and

smoothness. Routine rolling, aeration,

fertilization and watering keep the greens

rolling pure.

Bedford Hills Golf Club suffered a huge

loss in September, 2008, when a fire

completely destroyed the clubhouse.

Construction began as soon as the

debris was cleared away and the current

clubhouse was opened to the public by

the spring of 2009.

NWO Golf Links