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To my wife…………“I love you baby, more

than you know”

I am blessed that my wife enjoys golf and we

enjoy golfing together. I know this contradicts

most men’s perception of the game. I also

know that some may call for the revocation of

my man card. The truth is it was revoked years

ago, when I uttered that profound phrase, “I

do,” but that is a different story.

Every married couple knows the trials,

tribulations and compromising that must occur

to sustain a marriage. On the other hand, the

celebration of little successes is also sweeter,

when shared with a spouse.

Still, it’s difficult to say the words,

“My wife

beat me in golf.”

I consider myself a modern man, more liberated

than most. I know many macho golfers that could

not even consider that phrase, let alone utter it.

Even enticed with a full round of golf with Natalie

Gulbis and they would deny, deny, deny.

In my defense, on the day of that dreadful

occurrence, I was somewhat preoccupied

with work and my wife was in a fantastic frame

of mind. I was tinkering with my swing, but

she was focused. I never even realized it was

happening until it was,

too late.

As we walked off the 7th hole, she looked at

me with a smirk and said,

“You do realize, we are tied right now.”

I was in total


! There was no way this

could possibly be true. I immediately grabbed

the scorecard and to my complete and utter

surprise, it confirmed, we were deadlocked

in the most important match of my life. How

could this happen? Not here, not TODAY!

The Day I Lost My Man Card


Bryan Renius

NWO Golf Links