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ArnoldPalmer won sevenmajor championships

and obviously knew a thing or two about

performing under pressure.

When I asked Mr. Palmer what he thought

of when he stood over the ball, his simple

response was


, he just swung the club.

That is exactly what the all-important

Step 5

requires, thinking about, absolutely nothing

and trusting your swing.

Regardless of what you may have heard, when

it is time to execute your shot, all conscious

thoughtmust be completely gone.Not one swing

thought, not one ANT (or negative thought), no

thought of score, no thought of what you did

on this hole last time and certainly no thought

about your opponent or the weather. You simply

swing the club





This takes time,

practice and ef-

fort, but it is the

only way to play the game.

Mr. Palmer also shared the importance of mak-

ing eye contact with strangers and writing your

name legibly (every time), but his response

of thinking


over his shots, stood out

more than anything!

To start playing your best, take it from the


Think of NOTHING before and during

every shot.

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