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Golf is Adapting to Veterans

There are millions of ways to hit

a golf ball, there is no perfect

swing. Plus, golf can make a

difference in people’s lives.

Project Hope at Las Barrancas

Golf Course in Yuma, Arizona

is helping veterans adapt to

their perfect golf swing and

making a positive impact in

their lives at the same time.

The Director of Golf at Las Barrancas, Mark Croft, is

a long time PGA Member,

who lost his lower right leg

due to an infection in early

2016. He and I have become

certified through PGA Hope and the PGA REACH program

to provide instruction to

veterans with disabilities. It is

our combined mission to help

improve the lives of veterans in

the Yuma area through golf.

PGA HOPE is growing throughout

the USA. The program teaches

golf pro-fessionals, volunteers

and instructors to effectively




physically or mentally affected

veterans. TheVA or other similar

organizations help coordinate

the efforts of these programs

within a local community.

The golf students may bring

a service dog, a therapist, a

family member, or other friends

to the sessions. Although it is

difficult to understand what a

veteran may have gone through,

the point is to enlighten their

current life and move forward in

a positive manner via golf.

There are approximately six

million veterans that qualify

for Project Hope. If a veteran

learns to play golf, he can then

play with his children or other

family members. Bringing the

families closer and providing a

healing mechanism.

The style or purity of the golf

swing is not important. This

becomes “adaptive” golf. The

simple act of getting a golf ball

airborne is cause for celebration

for a severely injured patriot.

Special clubs for students

confined to a wheel chair, with

prosthetic limbs or paralysis

are needed and can help in the

teaching process.

The VA in Yuma has gotten

involved in a big way and sent

out invitations to 15,000 Vets.

In addition, theYuma Chamber

of Commerce is offering

support to the project, as well.

This is a ‘Win-Win’ situation!

That is why we are so excited

to bring this program to Yuma,

Arizona and hope other




country will follow our lead.

To learn more, volunteer or

make a donation to Project

Hope contact Mark Croft at:

By: Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, PGA Professional

NWO Golf Links