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Greg Liberto

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

What is wrong with my short game?

Why can’t I perform under pressure?

Why can’t I take my game from the range to

the course?

If you break each of these types of questions

down, they are each flawed in their own way.

• They each have an underlying theme that

supposes or assumes there is a problem

• They are disempowering based on how

the question is asked

• Your subconscious mind will provide the

correct answers to your wrong questions,

and you will not improve.

The quality of your game is only as good as the

quality of questions you ask yourself.

The very first coaching session in the

Professional Performance System helps you

identify your

Primary Question.

Together we

identify what is required to play your best

and put it in a question that you ask yourself

every day.

Golf Mindset

What is Your

Primary Question

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