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Billy Hurley III Writes a Letter to his Father

By Fred Altvater

Everyone remembers the

story of PGA Tour member




disappearance in July 2015.

He was found inTexas, though

no one could quite figure out

what he was doing there, nor

did he give any good reasons

for his escape. Just a couple

weeks later in August, he

committed suicide.

Hurley has been on an

emotional roller coaster since

that day and took the initiative

to write a heart wrenching

letter to his deceased father

last week.

Billy spent six years serving

his country, after he graduated

from the Naval Academy. For

most professional golfers,

this would be a fatal blow

to a career as a PGA Tour

professional golfer. For Hurley,

with his father’s assurance

and guidance, it was merely a

bump in the road.

The younger Hurley is hoping

to bring about a closure

from his father’s death and

celebrate the father, who

loved to watch Billy play golf

and his other children grow

and prosper.

In the article, Hurley writes,

“When I think about you and

your life, my mind is flooded

with memories.

I think of you coming home

from work in the evenings

and compulsively repairing

things around the house —

a door knob, the gutters, a

window frame. I think of our

Wiffle ball games in the front

yard with me and my three

siblings, playing until it was

too dark to see the ball.

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