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anywhere for the price of

a modest green fee.

Garverick and Bunge

sold the course in 2002,

although Bunge remains

a minority investor. The

Legacy is still considered one of the best

upscale public tracks around.

Bunge wanted to continue his retail golf

merchandise and equipment repair business.

He built a new building nearer to the highway

and operates Components Plus out of that

location. Now 28 years later, Components Plus

has become the largest club repair business in

the area, as well as, offering the lowest prices

on apparel, gloves, balls and equipment.

Components Plus maintains one of the largest

inventory’s of reasonably priced golf apparel in

the area. They buy in large quantities and can

pass the huge savings along to their customers.

Stop by and check out their LOW pre-season

pricing of sweater vests and long-sleeve polos,

as well as, gloves and balls.

Components Plus is an equal-opportunity

golf shop. They have everything women and

juniors need before they hit the links. Dan

recommends bringing your junior golfer to

the store to be properly fit for his next set of

clubs. As fast as kids grow, they may need to be

updated annually.

Bunge has been re-gripping golf clubs for

nearly 30 years and will re-grip yours, while

you wait. In addition to this fast service, he has

the largest supply of every style and brand of

grips in stock. You don’t have to wait for them

to be shipped in.

If you are a tinkerer and think you want to do-

it-yourself, Components Plus has the supplies

NWO Golf Links