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Srixon Z 355

Driver Review

Matt Saternus

Over the past ten years, the major golf club

manufacturers have produced a steady stream

of lighter drivers, claiming that light weight is

the key to more speed and distance. What if

they had it backward?

The new Z 355 driver from Srixon refutes that

theory. The “Action Mass” technology pairs a

heavier head with a counter-balanced shaft

and promises more consistency, distance, and


The new Srixon Z 355 driver is billed as a

game improvement driver, but the look also

appeals to better players. The face is deep and

the footprint is large, round, and symmetrical,

plus the gloss black crown is free of alignment

aids, a rarity in a game improvement driver.

What I particularly like about the Srixon Z

355 is that it sets up beautifully. In a neutral

position, it looks perfectly square. The Z 355

does offer adjustability; you can get the exact

look you prefer – up to 2 degrees open or closed.

When you pick up the Srixon Z 355 the “Ac-

tion Mass” is immediately noticeable. It is very

head-heavy, for players who prefer a higher

swing weight.

At impact, the Z 355 creates a high pitched,

medium volume sound that gives excellent

feedback on the quality of the strike. Combined