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Once you have striped a drive down

the fairway with your Weapon of

Mass Destruction, do you routinely

find the green or are you forced to

make a miraculous recovery from

the fringe, rough or bunker around

the green?

From 100 yards and in do you have a

“go-to” shot? Are you on a first-name

basis with your Sand Wedge, Gap

Wedge, Pitching Wedge and 9-Iron?

Let me ask you a question, how

much time do you spend on the

range practicing shots from 100

yards and in to the green?

Recently, the No. 1 player in the

world, Jason Day was asked how

much time he spent working on

his short game. He replied that

during a session, devoted entirely

to practice, he spent a total of four

hours between putting, chipping

and shots from 150 yards in. Of

that time, he spends 1 ½ hours on

his wedges alone.

The next time you head to the range

take a few cones or stakes and

arrange them at 10-20 yard intervals

and find the club that best works for

you for each 10-yard interval.

The Golf PIT has yardage boards

positioned on the range to dial in your

wedges and improve your short game.

The game will become much easier

and your enjoyment quotient will

increase exponentially. You will

also be surprised how quickly

your scores will decrease and

your handicap will become more


Take a tip from Jason Day, hit a few

less drivers on the range and learn

to love your wedges.

Jason Day’s Short Game Tip


Fred Altvater

NWO Golf Links