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Ryder Cup Began in Toledo

The 2016 Ryder Cup will be

held at Hazeltine Golf Club

near Minneapolis, Minnesota,

September 27-October 2.

The European Team has won

seven of the past nine Ryder

Cups contested and will

come to Hazeltine with a

strong contingent of players

once again.

The Ryder Cup has become

one of the biggest sporting

events in the world, but did

you know it had its beginnings

in Toledo, Ohio?

S.P. Jermain has been called

the “Father of Public Golf in

America.” He served four

terms as the Chairman of the

Board of Parks Commissioners

for the city of Toledo at the

end of the 19


 century and

was responsible for the

construction of Ottawa Park

Golf Course. It opened for

play in 1898 and was the first

public golf course to open

west of New York City.

Jermain was the president of

the Inverness Club, when the

land was purchased on which

to build the course. He was

instrumental in convincing

the USGA to bring a U.S.

Open to Inverness in 1920

and again in 1931. An

18-year-old golf prodigy,

Bobby Jones made his first

appearance in the U.S. Open

at Inverness in 1920 and his

last in the 1931 U.S. Open

also held at Inverness.

Jermain is also remembered

for being the first to allow

touring professionals into

the locker rooms of private

golf clubs. In the early days,

golf professionals were not

welcome in the clubhouse

of the private clubs on which

they played. Jermain felt this

to be an archaic practice and

opened the Inverness Club

locker room to the participants

of the 1920 U.S. Open.

The great Walter Hagen was

so appreciative of Jermain’s


Fred Altvater

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