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Golf Embraces Diversity



weekly junior golf

clinic for

local children every Saturday

morning for many years and the

joy and enthusiasm they bring to

the game reenergizes me every


Last Saturday in my weekly junior

group I made an observation,

which brought a warm smile to

my face and peace to my heart.

I don't know why, on this

particular Saturday, I took

notice, since the usual group of

kids with the same enthusiasm,

cooperation and respect for each

other has been attending the

junior clinic every week.

But, on this Saturday for some

reason, it caught my attention

and a message was revealed to

me. Among the junior golfers

in attendance were, several




African American, a Native

American and one child of Asian


Quite a diverse group for our

small town of 90,000 in Yuma,


What caught my attention was

that they were all there to learn

to play golf, have fun as a group

and build relationships that

hopefully will last a life time.

Parents and juniors with one

common interest watching each

other grow, learn and understand

a simple game that can give them

joy for a lifetime.

Golf has grown internationally

over the past several years.

Asians, Europeans, Hispanics

and African Americans are all

welcome in golf and compete for

the highest prizes at every level of

golf competition, both amateur

and professional alike. This will

become even more evident,

when golfers from around the

world convene next year at the

Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Golfers from every corner of the

world will vie for a Gold Medal

and be able to meet other like-

minded sportsmen from every

corner of the globe.

Even though Donald Trump may

disagree, Golf is the Greatest

Game on Earth and it is for


They were

all there to

learn to play

golf, have fun

as a group

and build