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NWO Golf Links

There are golfers and then there are

GOLFERS. You know who you are.

There are the ones that walk to the tee box

in color coordinated clothing, ala Rickie

Fowler, with matching bag and looking

all professional, with their name neatly

stenciled on the bag. They are the golfers

that use intimidation as a way to try and

scare people into losing before they have

even swung a club.

That style of intimidation never works on

me. I am a man’s man, at 6’5” and north

of 340 pounds, but that’s not why it doesn’t

work. It doesn’t work, because I learned a

long time ago that you should never judge a

book by its cover.

I relish the golfers, who have purchased the

entire summer wardrobe of Puma, Greg

Norman or Ashworth, before the spring golf

season even begins.

I enjoy playing golf with those that have

monogrammed golf balls and whose belt

matches their shoes.

These are the golfers with whom, I like to

have the occasional wager. I am not talking

thousands of dollars, but I have found that

even a minimal bet with golfers like the

aforementioned causes them to lose control

of their game. The mere mention of money

induces sweat to pour down their foreheads,

like beads of water dripping off an ice cold

beer, in a 90 degree heat wave.

Mentally they envision their victory. How

dare this opulent, uncouth and poorly attired,

golfer wearing a black belt and white shoes

challenge them to a game of golf?!

One dollar a hole is a rather small wager, but

to some golfers, the ones referred to above,

it is downright scary.

Wagering Tips,


Type of

Golfer Are You?