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NWO Golf Links

Restoring A Donald Ross

Classic in Monroe


home of Major General George Armstrong Custer, who

had a very bad hair day at the Little Big Horn in 1876.

It is also the world headquarters for La-Z-Boy and sits

smack dab between Toledo and Detroit.

In 1884, Colonel Ira Rufus Grosvenor, a prominent

Civil War hero, built a mansion in Monroe and

his family resided there for many years. In 1919,

100 local residents of the town agreed to buy the

old mansion, as well as, the surrounding property,

and the Monroe Country Club was born. Today the

elegant mansion serves as the centerpiece for the

Monroe Golf & Country Club.

SinceGolf was a leading pastime in the early 1900’s, it

was decided that a golf course should be constructed

on the property to round out the club. Famed golf

course architect, Donald Ross was commissioned to

design and build the course, which still exists today.