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Golf is expensive. Not only

do you spend a small fortune

buying clubs, you pay $30,

$50, $100, or more for green

fees, but the worst is the cost

of golf balls. Every time you

lose a new ProV1, say good-

bye to $4.00.

There is an easy way to save

money on golf balls, several

companies find the balls we

hit into the ponds and forests

and sell them at a huge

discount online. 

Yeah, but do they perform

like new ones, you ask?

Here are the results from Golf

Myths Unplugged research.

Myth #1 – Used golf balls

DON’T Feel as good as New

In this test, we evaluated

four different grades of used

golf balls, AAAAA (the best),

AAAA (mid grade), AAA (low

grade), and Refinished. We

tested each of these qualities

with previously used Titleist

ProV1’s versus brand new

ProV1 balls.

To evaluate Feel, our testers hit

putts with their eyes closed,

not knowing whether they

were hitting a new or used

ball. They were asked to report

any differences they noticed.

For Performance testing, we

hit 50 quality shots with each

grade of ball. We rotated

through a dozen balls of each

grade, only used data from

swings that fell within our

parameters for strike quality,

club speed, club path, and

face angle.

In our Feel testing, 

no one

could distinguish between

new, used, or refinished golf



Our testers were told to

hit as many putts as they

wished. Most of them stated

that every ball they hit felt the

same. A couple asserted that

some balls felt different, but

there was no correlation with

the grade of golf ball.

Myth #2 -Used golf balls

DON’T Perform like new

with a wedge

On a 30-yard pitch shot,

we found 

no consistent

difference between new

and used golf balls

. Not

only was the launch monitor

data nearly identical when

averaged across fifty shots,

there was no discernible

Are used golf balls as good as new?

By: Matt Saternus,

NWO Golf Links