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David Hueber has been

around the golf industry for

four decades, including a

stint as President and CEO

of the Ben Hogan Company.

That experience gave him

a unique vantage point to

view the industry. The book

includes interesting tales from

course operations, to real

estate development, as well

as, the actual manufacture of

golf clubs.

“In the Rough: The Business

Game of Golf”


Hueber’s journey through

golf. He began as a caddie at

the club where his father was

the professional and learned

to play well enough to earn

a scholarship to Florida State

University. His describes his

time on the FSU team,

“I playedwithout distinction,”

College convinced him a

career as a touring pro may

have been out of his reach,

but he wanted to be involved

in the golf industry in some


An entry level job with the

National Golf Foundation

gave him the chance to see

the inside of golf course

development. Along the way,

he met the top pioneers in the

industry, Karsten Solheim the

founder of Ping, as well as,

Gary Adams of TaylorMade,

Tom Crowe of Cobra and Ely

Callaway of Callaway Golf.

These incidents are all

interesting, but when Hueber

took a job working for

Deane Beman, who was the

Commissioner of the PGA

Tour, his experience becomes

a lens to the changes in the

golf industry.

He is best known as the head

of BenHoganCompany,when

it was owned by Japanese

entrepreneur Minoru Isutani’s

Cosmo World. Hueber

also ran Pebble Beach as

president of Ben Hogan

Properties, another of Isutani’s


There are two extremely

interesting segments to


the Rough”

that will attract

the attention of most golf fans.

Book Review:

In the Rough: The Business of Golf


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