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As much as any brand in the


Puma Golf

 has done a

tremendous job creating an

image of young, colorful, bold,

and fun.  As good as this is for

sellingflatbillhats toGeneration

Rickie, it can feel out of touch

for older golfers. With their

latest collection, Puma has

done a great job of reaching

out to more mature players,

without losing what makes

them unique.


While testing this




Chambers Bay  


Salish Cliffs ,

the two things that stood

out most were the 




the way

the clothes breathe

. If you’ve

been to the Pacific Northwest,

you know that rounds starting

early will see a wide range of

temperatures. I started my day

with two or three layers, but the

Puma golf shirts never felt stuffy

or overly warm.

When the sun came out in

full force, Puma’s moisture

management shined. Even

during my eight-mile trek

around Chambers Bay, both me

and my wardrobe stayed


and dry. It’s also worth noting

that, unlike many moisture

wicking shirts, Puma’s

shirts do

not carry an odor.


Much as I like Rickie Fowler,

I’m not now, nor have I

ever been, an orange pants

guy. While this signature item is

still available, 



Winter lineup has many pants

and shorts geared for the more

conservative player. Though the

colors are toned down, the style

is still geared upwith 


textures and great details


the stick figure print on the

inside of the pockets.

The full range of styles is

evident in the golf shirts as

well.  There are trendy prints

that say, “look at me,” but you

can also find toned-down

colors like navy or grey. For

the player only interested

in basics, you can purchase

Puma Golf’s Essential polo in

a rainbow of colors.

Puma Apparel Review

By: Matt Saternus,

NWO Golf Links