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Football Great Bob Schnelker Dies in Florida

On December 12


, 2016,

there was a small obituary

in the Naples (Florida) Daily News concerning the death of

Robert L. Schnelker. It caught

my eye because my father

had taken me to meet the NFL

star in 1961, but it was what

I learned later about the local

hero that made me follow his

football career.

Bob Schnelker grew up in

the small town of Upper

Sandusky, Ohio and was a

standout on the great teams

USHS produced during and

after World War II.

He graduated from USHS

in 1946 and was a member

of the Bowling Green State

University Football team

during his collegiate years.

In 1950, he was drafted by

the Browns, but Uncle Sam

came calling and he spent

two years serving his country

in the Marines.

When he returned to the

Browns, he was traded to

the New York Giants, who

had a young quarterback, by

the name of Frank Gifford.

Schnelker became a favorite

target for Gifford, as well

as, an exceptional blocking

tight end. Vince Lombardi

was the Giants offensive line

coach during Schnelker’s

early playing career and Bob

learned at the hands of the


While with the Giants,

Schnelker played in three

World Championships and

two Pro Bowls. He was a

member of the 1956 Giants

team that won the NFL

Championship versus the

Chicago Bears.

After his playing career

ended in 1963, he entered

the coaching ranks and spent

time with the Rams, Chargers,

Dolphins, Chiefs, Lions,

Packers and the Vikings.

Schnelker was a member

of the coaching staff of the

Lombardi led, Green Bay

Packers for two Super Bowl


Why am I writing about a

football legend in a golf


Well, the rest of the story is

about Bob’s love of golf. He

was a member of several


Fred Altvater

NWO Golf Links