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Page Background

Alecia Larsen has been a Class

A LPGA teaching professional

for over 30 years and teaches

her students to love the

game of golf. She has been

recognized by Golf Digest’s

“Golf for Women” magazine

as a Top-50 teacher and

received the 2014 Midwest

Section Teacher of the Year


Like a good teacher, Alecia

is constantly striving to learn

new and exciting methods

to help her students be the

best they can be. It was

through this endeavor that

she developed the concepts

of positive self-talk.

She suffered a terrible setback

in her teaching career when

a golf ball struck her in the

head, while she was teaching.

The recovery was long and

arduous, which sent her into

a depression.

Her mother suggested she

could pull herself out of the

doldrums by do something

good for someone else. From

that “Gratitude Golf” was

born and Alecia has spent

many years speaking and

teaching the benefits of being

thankful in life, as well as, on

the golf course.

With the influence of Dr.

Shad Helmestetter, an expert

in the field of personal

growth, Alecia gained a

deeper understanding of

the connection between

golf and life. Her book was

born from the idea of using

‘Self-Talk’ to send positive

messages to the brain to

become more confident

in your golf game and to

overcome any issues you

may be facing in your life.

In the Foreward, Helmstetter


“During the time of more

than 30 years of writing in

the field of personal growth

and studying the subject of

Book Review:

TheMissingLink: The Power of Self-Talk in the Mind Game of Golf


Fred Altvater

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