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NWO Golf Links

As the interaction progresses,

it is obvious the cart girl is a

master at defensive tactics.

She shoots down his unwant-

ed advances using simple fa-

cial expressions. She laughs

and employs the skillful

tongue of a politician during

a presidential debate.

Her actions do not deter the

image the wannabe lover boy

has of them living happily

ever after. He prances and

primps, like Satan enticing

Eve to take a bite from the

apple. She stands her ground

and with one last smile,

climbs into her cart. With a

wave and a nod, tip safely

in hand, she is gone heading

bravely to the next battle.

After her departure, it is time

for the most ludicrous, yet hi-

larious, part of the entire ex-

change. He turns to his bud-

dies, as they collectively roll

their eyes and utters,

“I think she wants me.”

Nearly choking on my new-

ly acquired cold beer and

wracked with the pain of the

frothy liquid exiting my nos-

trils, I reply,

“We will see when she comes

back,” while mentally think-

ing, What an IDIOT!

Three holes later ‘The Dance’

starts all over again.