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NWO Golf Links

alert a player if they need a change in their

equipment or swing adjustments.

Various targets can be set on the screen to

practice a particular yardage, while at the

same time recording important swing data.

The About Golf simulators give an accurate

yardage of exactly how far the ball carries

with each club. When practicing outdoors,

precise yardage information can be difficult

at best.

Fore Golfers Indoor Golf Center also offers

a complete line of everyone’s favorite beer.

Every golfer knows that a cold beer soothes

the nerves after an ugly three-putt or slice

into the rough.

The congenial feeling inside Fore Golfers

also adds to the experience. Couples can

enjoy a round on the Auld Course, before

heading out for dinner, or hard-core golfers

can compete and have a small wager, just

like they would in their weekly game.

Golfers used to dread cold and blowing

snow, but now with Fore Golfers, the golf

season can be extended and weekly visits

with your favorite foursome can continue

until the spring thaw.

For more information about Fore

Golfers contact Justin Rist or visit

them on



their website.

Call for a Tee Time: 419-491-1400