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NWO Golf Links

He has led the retirement

fund into several high-

profile investments, such as,

inner-city real estate, office

buildings, newspapers and a

string of golf courses.

All have made the Retirement

System of Alabama one of the

strongest investment funds in

America and helped create

jobs, increase tax revenue and

gain the admiration of other

states around the country.

In the early 1990s, the idea

was initiated that a good way

to bring growth to the state

was to build a golf course.

Bronner always looked for the

biggest bang for his buck and

quickly realized Alabama is a

big state and could use more

than just one golf facility.

He began to shop for

someone that wanted to

design 18 championship golf

courses at eight locations

around the state.

As you can imagine this was

a monumental task and most

leading golf designers of the

time, felt it impossible. Robert

Trent Jones was semi-retired,

but saw the potential and

accepted the challenge.

The original seven locations

opened in 1992 and 1993

with 324 holes of world-

class golf. Three additional

locations have been added

plus the two courses at

Lakewood Golf Club in Point

Clear were renovated.

These brought the total to 11

locations, with 26 golf courses

totaling 468 holes.