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THE STATELY CLUBHOUSE OF MONROE Golf and Country Club holds a rich history

in the development of Monroe, as well as,

Michigan. Local attorney and Civil War

hero, Colonel Ira Rufus Grosvenor, who rose

from meager prospects as a young man to

become a war hero and important political

figure in Michigan, was responsible for its


Grosvenor was unable to find avenues for

advancement in his home state of New York

as a youth. Through study, he became an

expert accountant and accepted work on

a steamer, owned by Daniel B. Miller, that

plied Lake Ontario. Grosvenor found favor

with Miller and seeing potential in the young

man, offered him a position with his growing

land office in Monroe, Michigan.

In the 1830’s, Monroe was in the middle of a

land boom and Grosvenor soon became the

Head Clerk of the small office. When it was

moved to Detroit, he remained in Monroe

and pursued the study of law.

He found work with a local law firm that

included a future Governor of Michigan

and Secretary of the Interior under President

Pierce. Another partner also became a

Governor of Michigan and yet another

served in the U.S. House of Representatives

and Senate.

Grosvenor passed the bar exam and was

married in 1837. She, however, died in

1845, but he continued to set even deeper

roots in the growing community. He earned

a reputation as a ‘fighter’ in an important trial

involving a dispute over land rights, which

helped his law practice thrive. In 1849, he

married again, this time to the sister of his

deceased wife.

In 1859, he became the owner of the “Fair

Oaks Farm,” which sat at the edge of Monroe

and is now the Monroe Golf and Country

Club. When the Civil War commenced

in 1861, Grosvenor had experience

commanding Michigan’s Militia and was

in demand as a commander for the Union


Monroe Golf & Country Club’s



Has a Rich History