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schools to introduce golf to that school’s

physical education curriculum, I was

elated to be able to begin the day with

the students as they recited the “Pledge of


I arrived early and met briefly with the

Physical Education teacher. She asked

me to wait briefly, while she made that

morning’s announcements.

Before she began, however, everyone was

asked to stand and recite the Pledge of

Allegiance to the Flag of United States. In

these times when our Flag seems to come

under some very heavy scrutiny and

scorn, it was refreshing to see the students

responding with respect and reverence to

the symbol of American freedom.

I haven't done that in a classroom for 50

years and was not aware they still shared

this hollowed tradition.

As I stood reciting the Pledge with my

right hand over my heart, I was overcome

with a feeling of euphoria that I have only

experienced a few other times in my life.

To listen to my words, the same words all

these children were reciting and offering

respect to our nation and our founded

beliefs was inspiring, indeed.

I realize just how lucky I am to live in

a country, where I have the freedom to

pursue a career as a golf professional,

allowed to practice my personal religious

beliefs and am given the opportunity to

introduce the greatest game on earth to


This probably sounds a little corny, but

that it was one of the proudest moments,

as a person and a golf professional that I

have felt in a very long time.


A Golfer’s




Pledge of