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Page Background The Concession Cup


together the best Mid-

Amateur and Senior Amateur

golfers from Great Britain &

Ireland versus a team from the

United States every two years.

It is held at the Concession

Club in Bradenton, Florida

and was the inspiration of a

Toledo native.

Local golfer, Alan Fadel,

who has competed at the

highest levels of amateur golf,

had the idea to establish a

competition of mature golfers

for the benefit of charity.

Everyone has heard of the Ryder

Cup, Presidents Cup, Walker

Cup and Solheim Cup, but what

is the Concession Cup?

The event is a biennial team

competition played between

teams comprised of leading

male Mid-Amateurs, Senior-

Amateurs and Super Senior-

Amateurs. It provides an avenue

for mature top-ranked amateurs

to compete in team competition

in a high-profile event.

It was created by supporters of

amateur golf and is an event

designed to celebrate the

game through international

competition. It was a huge

success, when it was held

for the first time in 2014,

with the U.S. team defeating

Great Britain & Ireland 21

½-14 ½ over the three days

of competition.

The second edition will

once again be held at

the Concession Club in

Bradenton, Florida, April 19-

23. The Concession Club was

designed by Jack Nicklaus in

association with Tony Jacklin

and opened for play in 2006.

The event is named for the

greatest concession of all

time that was given by Jack

Nicklaus to Tony Jacklin

in the 1969 Ryder Cup.

Needing a four-foot putt to

win his match with Nicklaus

and secure a tie in the Ryder

Cup, Jacklin was conceded

the putt by Nicklaus.

“I was sure you would hole that

putt,” Nicklaus told Jacklin.


ignited a 40-year friendship

between the two men and

they were the co-designers of

the Concession Golf Club.

In that spirit of sportsmanship

the Concession Cup asked

Nicklaus and Jacklin to be the

honorary captains for the first

Concession Cup in 2014 and

they have agreed to reprise

their roles this year.

The teams are comprised of:



8 mid-amateurs ages 25-54



8 senior-amateurs ages 55

and up



2 super-seniors ages 65 or


Second Concession Cup To Be Held April 19-23

More Information is available at:

NWO Golf Links