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There lots of gift guides for

golfers but this year rather

than the usual approach, we

thought it would be a better

idea to show the list of items

that this writer and his friends

want to find under the tree on

Christmas morning.

Our thought process was

simple, if we like them, other

people will as well, so here

are a few gift ideas for your

favorite golfer.

Palmer’s Memories

“A Life Well Played: My

Stories by Arnold Palmer”

is 258 pages of anecdotes,

stories and life insights by

The King. Some you’ve heard

before and some you haven’t,

but each is written in with

the same straightforward

honesty that characterized

the man. Golfers and non-

golfers have been enlistees in

Arnie’s Army since the 1950s

and this book is a fitting

closure to a life well played.

It is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $16.96

or in local book stores.

For Your Swing

One swing fault most of

us struggle with at times is

holding the head relatively

steady so the swing can

rotate around the proper

axis. If occasionally your

head moves excessively from

side to side, the PowerPlane

can help. A bar laying on

the ground senses head

movement from a transmitter

attached to your cap and

signals whenever your head

moves too much. For more

information or to purchase

the PowerPlane for $189.00




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