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Driver Review

By: Matt Saternus

Ping’s New G Driver is

“The Best Driver

in Golf.”

It is faster than the G30 and more


For the last 18 months, Ping’s G30 has been the

dominant driver in the market. It is adored by

players of all skill levels, and the sales numbers

have been crazy. The G30 garnered 40% of the

driver sales for the country’s best club fitters.

Improving on the G30 seemed impossible, but

the engineers at Ping have done just that with

their new creation.

The crown of the Ping G Driver has similar

‘Turbulators’ that we first saw on the G30.

What’s new is the ‘Dragonfly Technology,’

the crown is designed to mirror a dragonfly’s

wings. The lighter and thinner crown is fairly

busy, but these features are easy to overlook

because they are a uniform matte black.

In general, the G driver

will look very familiar to

the G30.

It has a large footprint, but isn’t overly

big in any particular dimension. The combination

of large size and expertly-crafted shape allows

the G driver to appeal to players at all levels.

The new Ping G driver feels very similar to the

G30. Both produce

a medium volume, slightly

bass-y “crack.”

When compared side-by-side,

however, the G is slightly quieter and feels a

bit softer.

Just as with theG30, theGdriver is


counter balanced

through the stock Alta shaft.

The purpose of counterbalancing is to keep

the swing weight reasonable while making

the head heavier. This is important to keep

in mind if you plan on swapping out the

stock shaft.

I’ve gamed the G30 driver, since the moment

it was released, so I have a very solid basis for

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