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10 Tips to Improve Your Game,

On and Off The Course

By Greg Liberto

Getting better daily starts by improving your

life off the course. Here are my Top 10 Tips to

Improve your game, on and off the course.

1 - Proper sleep

7-8 hours of quality sleep is essential to keep you

focused, alert and making smart choices each day.

2 - Nutrition

Eating well starts by making smart choices. To

keep it ultra-simple, choose foods grown on a

plant, not in a plant.

3 -  Physical Activity

This could be time at the gym or taking a walk or

jog.Anything to increase your heart rate, flexibility,

strength or stamina is a great place to start.

3.5 - Meditation

Think of this as quiet thought time allowing

your mind and body to relax completely (could

be two minutes or two hours). The key is to

focus on your breathing by breathing through

your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

The longer the inhale and exhale, the more

relaxed you become.

4 - 10 Minutes of Reading/Learning

One of the best quotes I ever saw was from

Michaelangelo who said

“I am 88 years old

and still learning.”

Constant improvement

starts with constant learning.

5 - Laughter & Quality Conversation

Both of these can trigger endorphins that make

you feel better immediately.

6 - Say Your Primary Question Aloud

This is the most powerful concept I teach

and creates the daily motivation, focus and

clarity you need to bring out your best, every

single day.

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