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One long-time patron of Forest View told us,

“Forest View is a great place to take our

children. My kids love to go over there,

play volleyball, bowl and spend time in

the game room. It is the perfect place to

drop them off for a few hours.”

Parents, Forest View even has a play

room for small children. If you and your

significant other need a night out of fun,

whether playing volleyball, bowling or

hitting a few golf balls in the simulator,

your kids will enjoy the visit too.

It also may be the perfect way to introduce

your children to golf. Let them hit a few

balls in the simulator too. The simulators

provide a more intimate atmosphere than

a large golf course and is a great way to

connect with your kids.

One more activity is coming soon to Forest

View. While you hit balls on the simulators

or knock down a few pins on the alleys,

Keno and Pull Tab games will be available

to soothe your gambling itch.

Richard Kenny is a hometown guy and

is living his dream of owning a business

that he grew up working in. He is bringing

the best entertainment to southeastern

Michigan, as well as, northwestern Ohio

and provides a year-round bowling,

volleyball, golf, and great dining

experience to Temperance.

Stop by to meet Rich, as well as, his team

and be ready to have a great time at Forest

View.Visit their

website at ForestView Lanes

or call them at 734-847-4915.734-847-


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