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NWO Golf Links

He became so enthralled with the game

that hebegan looking forways tobecome

more involved with it. In 2008, Rist

happened to visit the golf simulators at

Tamaron Country Club. He immediately

saw the potential of offering indoor golf

in cold, snowy northwestern Ohio and

began researching what it would take to

begin his own indoor golf business.

Most of the simulators in use back then

were part of a golf course, used mainly

as a training aid for golf instructors, or as

an adult toy in a wealthy person’s man-

cave. The question remained, Would

the everyday golfer pay to hit their golf

ball into a screen?

After five years of study and learning

everything there was to know about golf

simulators, he took the leap and opened

Fore Golfers Indoor Golf Center. At the

time there were very few stand-alone

indoor golf facilities functioning as a

viable business. It was unknown if an

indoor golf center could

generate enough revenue

to service the debt, cover

the electric bill and still

provide a profit. With an

entrepreneurial spirit and

a love for the game of golf,

Rist took a chance.

In his first season over the

winter of 2013-2014, Rist

saw a steady growth as

area golfers became aware

of the new facility and how much fun

could be had, playing golf with your

regular foursome in the virtual world. It

didn’t hurt that the weather was bitterly

cold and the Toledo area witnessed

record snowfall that winter.

After digging out the driveway for the

umpteenth time, with icicles clinging

to your eyelids, hitting some golf balls,

while downing a few cold brews with

your buddies, on a palm-tree-lined-

virtual-fairway looked pretty good to

area golfers.

About Golf virtual simulators are

considered some of the finest produced

and their corporate office is located

right here in Maumee. Their simulators

are shipped around the world and are

even used by the Golf Channel.

The simulators at Fore Golfers give each

golfer the choice of over 50 golf courses

from exotic golf locales. You don’t have