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Tips To Enjoy Indoor



Bryan Renius

It’s that time of year again here in the northern United

States when Golfaholics make the annual migration from

pristine outdoor golf courses to indoor simulators. There are

advantages, of course, but there are perils, as well. For all

that must suffer cold and snowy winters, let me give you a

few tips to help with the transition.

The first item of business, clean out your golf bag

. If your bag

is anything like mine, there is probably something that you

stuffed in there that has long been forgotten, and it probably


When you are playing golf in the great outdoors, unsavory

odors get mixed in with the aromas wafting from the landfill

next door, but in the warm comfort of an indoor golf facility

those old sandwiches, dirty socks and moldy rain gear can

create a fog that will bring tears to your eyes.

Mine had a heavy perfume of ‘Old Yeti,’ at least it’s what I

think an Old Yeti would smell like. Outside, not an issue, but

when you bring that bag inside, with the scent of Sasquatch

emanating from somewhere deep inside, it causes nasal and

sinus trauma of monumental proportions. Trust me it will not

help you keep friends and it definitely won’t help you make

a good first impression on new ones.





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