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Tom Kuron began playing golf many years ago,

when several people he worked with invited

him to join them on the course. He never really

took the game seriously, however, until eight

years ago, when the golf bug bit him hard.

Like all Golfaholics, he hit one or two of those

perfect golf shots and the golf golds whispered

in his ear,

“You can do this all the time.”

Of course we all know the golf gods lie, but we

become so addicted to the game, it doesn’t matter.

In 2002 Tom and his wife, Tina opened a small

deli and soup shop in downtown Waterville.

Excellent food and Tina’s homemade soups

made the new venture a success. With only

nine tables available for seating, lines would

form out the door and down the sidewalk at

lunch time. It became obvious a larger facility

was needed to meet the growing demand from

Chowders N Moor’s loyal customers.

In 2006 Kuron bought the current location at

312 South Street along the Anthony Wayne

Trail in Waterville. The new restaurant opened

on January 1, 2007.

Their menu has something for everyone and

features Tina’s famous White Chicken Chili. In

addition, Clam Chowder, the Grilled Reuben

on Marble Rye, the tastiest BLT in town, as well

as, many other delectable delights make this a

must-visit in Waterville.

If you love fish and seafood, Chowders has a

seafood menu complete with Shrimp, Tilapia,

Salmon, Crawfish, Crab Cakes and Lobster

Mac-n-cheese. Be sure to try my personal

favorite, the Perch Sandwich.

As the new location grew and prospered,

the Kurons even opened a second location

on Airport Highway. They operated both

restaurants for five years, but the strain of two

successful restaurants was taking its toll, plus

they had two young children at home which

Tom Kuron Hits the Golf Course, After He

Serves up the Best Cuisine in Waterville

NWO Golf Links