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Page Background

Tour in 2007. Finding sponsors and the money

necessary to chase a dream to compete as a

professional golfer is a daunting task for any

young pro, but for a player with a hearing

disability, it is even more challenging.

Matt decided to take his knowledge of the

game and his past experience of dealing with

his physical challenges and introduce other

special needs children to golf.

Being among professional golfers gave Matt

the tools he needed to be a better teacher. He

became associated with the Ability Center of

Northwest Ohio and the National Alliance

for Accessible Golf. Children with physical

limitations have different teaching needs

and learning skill set than other children.

Matt has the patience and the understanding

of what it takes to teach special needs

children. He excels at assessing their needs

and providing the correct teaching method

to reach them.

In 2014 Matt established the Matt Lake

Golf Academy at Bedford Hills Golf

Club. The academy brings the lessons he

learned from the best players and golf

instructors in the world to help physically

challenged and hearing impaired children

in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

He is constantly searching for teaching

methods to accommodate special needs

students with the finest tools. Laser Putt,

Zepp, Convert-a-hole and Cure Putters

have all helped Matt bring the best golf aids

and training tools to his young students.

Laser Putt gives feedback to the player on the

proper club alignment to improve solid hits

and performance. Zepp allows Matt to track

NWO Golf Links